NASHVILLE, Tennessee – April 10, 2016 -Tri-Imaging Solutions celebrates its third year.


Tri-Imaging Solutions is a fresh, innovative, and ambitious company. Tri-Imaging just celebrated its third year with a new state-of-the-art facility to accommodate the company’s exponential growth.


Tri-Imaging Solutions is a training institution and a parts company. It is not a parts company that offers training – it is much more.

“Tri-Imaging Solutions is a diagnostic imaging support company providing replacement parts, equipment, service support, and technical training”, explains President Eric Wright.

“It is no surprise that statistically a large percentage of the current service engineers are close to retirement and will be leaving a large gap in the seasoned skills available to help guide those entering the profession. Our strategic approach grew from this and John Drew has been diligently working on rolling out a completely new way to train.” Wright adds.

“We stress the importance of continuing education and top-notch training,” says Vice President of Operations John Drew. “It goes back to our focus of ‘Empowering the Engineer!’ Providing quality imaging parts is just a portion of the value we want to offer, especially with all of the health care changes and uncertainty. We understand the best way to cut cost is to run efficiently. How better to do that than with your own team? Whether it is an in-house hospital group or service company – we are able to provide support in areas to strengthen, grow and, most importantly, save them time and money!”

Adding Kim Presley, another notable industry expert, made perfect sense to drive development, enrollment and awareness of Tri-Imaging Solution’s new programs.

“I didn’t think twice about jumping at the opportunity to join this exceptional team that has repeatedly proven their integrity and focus on not just quality products but also an emphasis on quality people,” Presley says.



Satisfaction is the goal. Each and every order is unique.

“It’s more than a parts sale to us,” Director of Customer Care Kim Cole says. “It’s about making our Customers independent of the OEM. We treat each and every shipment as if our loved one’s life depended on it. We understand there are other choices in the market. We want to prove we are the better choice by the level of Customer care provided. Our commitment and genuine focus is on our Customers.”

“Taking care of Customers is my passion and why I joined the Tri-Imaging family,” she adds.


Tri-Imaging Solutions’ strength comes from over 200 years combined experience equating to a true average of over 12 years per person on its efficient team! This experience is evident at every level of the company from leadership to sales to Customer care to logistics and throughout the entire team.


Tri-Imaging Solutions is an independently owned company serving the diagnostic imaging market.

“Why does it matter that we are independently owned?” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Wanda Legate “As an independent provider, we support our Customers by being flexible and reacting quickly to their ever-changing needs. We think ‘outside the box’ as we look for opportunities to assist our Customers. When our Customers have a problem, we want to be the solution.”


Hi-Intensity Tri-Imaging Training (HITT): HITT reduces the gap between training and real world service. This is the latest addition to our unique and intuitive training program.

Blended Learning: Similar to today’s college courses, we combine an online learning platform with extensive laboratory time at its Nashville, Tennessee facility. This approach reduces time away from your facility without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the training.

“Having spent more than a dozen years in training, plus the last two years in support services, I better understand the gap between training and what the real world engineer needs,” John Drew says. “As we listened to our Clients wants we knew we had to take a unique and different approach to training. It is always good for the industry to have a choice.”


Tri-Imaging Solutions strives to live up to its name and be a Solution for its Customers while at the same time Empowering the Engineer.

The company’s mission statement reads as follows: “Impacting lives by creating individual, Customer-centric experiences based on a shared core belief in bettering patient care through personal accountability, integrity, and admiration.”

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