Tri-Imaging Solutions provides quality pre-owned medical imaging systems.

Equipment & Connections

At Tri-Imaging, we have the equipment and connections to help you with all types of purchases, sales, installations and/or de-installations. We have experience with most all modalities, including CT, Digital Labs, R&F and Digital Mammography.


Whether it is a newer CT to replace an existing asset, an extra C-arm, portables are just out of date, or you are ready to upgrade conventional rooms to digital. Let us know and we will work to get you what you need –  at a price you can afford.  Our technical expertise helps you to determine the best way to spend your money on the right equipment specifications to match your situation.


Need to sell your equipment? Tri-Imaging Solutions can make an immediate offer or assist you to find a buyer and bring maximum value for your pre-owned equipment.


Need an installation?  Tri-Imaging Solutions will work with you to find the solutions to fit your need.