We provide technical support, part and tube installation, on demand service, and equipment installations/de-installations to support our service customer. We are NOT a service company.

Our support services are designed to supplement our existing parts, training, and equipment customers. Available anytime/anywhere, all emergencies, no contracts. We provide a nationwide team of Imaging expertise available when you need it.

Technical Support

Whether you choose to call in and speak to one of our knowledgeable technical support team members or require onsite support – Tri-Imaging Solutions can help troubleshoot and provide parts for your imaging system/s.

Parts Installations

You can purchase your part/s with or without the installation. We specialize in not just quality imaging parts but installing our parts as well.

We supplement your existing internal service capability

It is difficult to have capability in all modalities and manufacturers. At Tri-Imaging Solutions, we can provide you with a way to fill the gaps. Tri-Imaging Solutions is here to help your existing service engineers, not to compete with them. We want them to succeed and will do what we can to ensure that happens. While on-site, you do not have to worry about us trying to sell a contract or saying “this would have been covered if.”

We empower existing service providers

Sometimes you just need an extra hand. Tri-Imaging Solutions is that hand. Too busy or just can’t get to it? Don’t want the competition in your account? Is your engineer out sick, and you need a part installed? Need specific modality expertise? Call us, and we will be there! While on-site, Tri-Imaging Solutions’ engineers will represent your company thereby not competing with you. You do not have to worry about us; we are there to help.

System Repairs

Have a system under contract but no expertise to repair and maintain it? Did a system go down, and your engineer is on vacation or out sick? Perhaps you are just stumped and need a second look? Call us; we can help. Our qualified engineers will be there when you need us.