NASHVILLE, Tennessee – September 9, 2014 -Tri-Imaging Solutions, a leading imaging parts and support company has merged with JET Imaging.

The deal provides Tri-Imaging with unprecedented experience and resources to offer more robust products and services to the industry, including an enhanced training facility. It also creates a highly competitive growth platform for future expansion across imaging modalities.

“We are thrilled to combine our industry leading imaging solutions with JET Imaging. It made more sense to combine personnel and services which will offer unmatched opportunities for the imaging community. It was much better for our industry to combine resources rather than compete.” said Eric Wright, President and Partner of Tri-Imaging Solutions.

John Drew, Partner JET Imaging added, “We believe that joining forces will accelerate our growth and increase quality in services provided including a state of the art training facility, increased options for imaging equipment parts and sales, as well as offer broader service options.”

Wanda Legate, Partner JET Imaging, also mentioned, “Tri-Imaging is recognized for high standards in imaging parts and support services. Specifically, their depth in providing imaging parts and technical support across a wide variety of OEMs and modalities, in combination with JET Imaging’s ability to offer on demand service – as needed, and training, serves as our strategy to Empower the Engineer.”
JET Imaging was created by Legate and founding partner John Drew to provide superior on-demand service, high quality imaging equipment sales, and technical solutions to help service imaging professionals.

Mr. Wright also commented, “JET Imaging aligns perfectly with our business model. It is a strong business, with incredible experience and reputation. This will only strengthen our strategy for growth, helping us build our expanding brand. Our new 50,000 sq ft building will feature state of the art repair capabilities, in-depth technical support, on-demand service options along with an unmatched, state-of-the-art training program and facility.”

Wright added, “Our new mission statement is “Empowering the Engineer”, and the unification of our two great companies will offer a tremendous model for the imaging service professional.”

To assist in their new mission of “Empowering the Engineer”, Tri-Imaging has contracted MD Publishing for all of their strategic marketing efforts.

For more information please contact Tri-Imaging Solutions at 855-401-4888