Apprentice Program

Program Overview

*Weeks are subject to adjustment based on training schedule and opportunity. 

  • BMET to Imaging 1, classroom and lab setting.
  • Safety Training -includes OSHA and HIPPA certified courses
  • Harvesting Department:

    This position will ensure the apprentice understands what parts make up a system and gives him/her a chance to actually understand how system are physically put together at the individual part level and how to remove the parts. In addition, the difference in manufactures parts manuals will be explored.

  • Install/ De-install Training:

    In this position the apprentice will assist in complete system installations/ de-installations from the beginning. This will ensure an understanding of room placement considerations, using manufactures interconnection diagrams, system interconnection, safety concerns and any system specific considerations. (may include on-site installation/ deinstallation)

  • BMET to Imaging 2, classroom and lab setting.
  • Technical Services:

    Going through the technical process is where the apprentice will have the opportunity to spend many hours learning his/her way around an imaging system. It all comes together in the technical process. Ensuring the proper operation of harvested, repaired, and replaced parts. These tasks will vary from day to day. Different modalities and manufactures depending on the customer needs. Tasks may include but not limited to:

    • Software loading and firmware verification.
    • Conduct bench testing utilizing PC, VOM meter, Amp meter, Oscilloscope, and other test equipment
    • Perform performance assurance (PA) inspections
    • Perform scheduled maintenance
    • Perform Operation verification procedures (OVP) on complex medical imaging equipment
    • Repair, install, and calibrate medical imaging equipment and systems
    • These tasks will be performed on a variety of modalities including but not limited to CT, X-ray, cath


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