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various types of hospital imaging equipment

Cath / Angio Repair

From tubes, digital detectors, monitors, and general system operations, we will keep your Cath / Angio equipment working

Repairing your Equipment

When it comes to delivering effective patient care, any down time for your Cath / Angio equipment for repair needs to be done as quickly as possible to ensure that there is little interruption in your equipment's operation. In terms of repairing your equipment, Tri-Imaging Solutions has invested in the latest service technologies to assure efficient, timely, and accurate diagnosis and repair of your critical interventional equipment

We offer Cardiac workstation and archive system service on your equipment, in addition to fixed and mobile Cath / Angio service, so that your equipment can get right back to imaging. Whether it involves the replacement of X-Ray Tubes, Digital detectors, or large format monitor replacement, Tri-Imaging Solutions knows that you need the best when it comes to servicing your life saving equipment.

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Whether it is Tubes, Digital Detectors, Monitors, Motors, or Circuit Boards, we have the parts you need to get your Cath / Angio equipment up and running to prevent a system failure. We feature a wide array of manufacturer specific parts to service your specific Cath / Angio equipment 's model and make.

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