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Moved and Installed by Professionals

Tri-Imaging understands the complexity of moving sensitive and fragile medical imaging equipment.

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Across the Hall or Across Town

We go where you go

Whether you are a healthcare organization, equipment dealer, or broker, Tri-Imaging Solutions’ extensive nationwide team can provide equipment installation, deinstallation, and equipment moves to meet your needs. We can relocate your CT, PET/CT, MR, Cath/Angio, X-Ray, Mammo, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound systems. 

Get Moving

Our clients appreciate the simplicity of calling one company to handle all aspects of their equipment relocation needs. Whether the move is down the hall, across town, or across the globe, we can provide the project management assistance and technical expertise to finish the project on time and within budget. We are here to work with your team and help you succeed.

We are here for you when you need us

Don't leave moving your sophisticated medical imaging equipment to movers, contact the team at Tri-Imaging to plan, coordinate, and oversee the moving of these delicate pieces of equipment. 

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