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Your On-Site Imaging Service Engineer

When should we be using a
Flex Service Imaging Engineer from

With Flex Service you get the help and support you and your team need when they need it most. 

  • Unplanned Medical Leave
  • Upcoming Vacations
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • A sudden vacancy in your Team
  • A modality that your team hasn’t yet been trained to service
  • Increase in service demand

Whatever the reason we can fill the gaps quickly on your imaging service team o you can avoid burning out your existing team with overtime – or worse – calling in the OEM for costly T&M service support.

Empowering the Engineer

Providing the medical equipment service market with repair parts, technical training, technical support, service support, and refurbished equipment.

Expert Imaging Service Engineers

Our fully trained, professional, imaging service engineers have expertise in a wide range of imaging equipment and brands. We match our engineers based on your equipment and need.

Highly Adaptable Service Terms

With Flex Service we understand that you need a service that is flexible to your specific needs. Which is why our service agreements can be adjusted to meet your needs especially as needs change.

Option to Hire Apprentices

Sometimes things just click. So if you love your Apprentice Imaging Engineer and decided that you can not live with out them, we can make that happen. We offer the ability for you to hire your Apprentice and make them a part of your team.

There when you need them.

Tri-Imagings' team of Flex Engineers can be onsite quickly, so you don't have to worry. Immediate attention to your request means less interruption to your service business.

A new approach to equipment service

You need flexibility, and that is exactly what Tri-Imaging offers. With our Flex Service offerings, you can choose what service coverage works for you and your team.

  • (855) 401-4888
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