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Capitated Parts Coverage

Manage your imaging replacement parts risk with our customizable Capitated Parts Coverage (aka CPC).

We will cap your imaging parts expenses

Under our unique Capitated Parts Coverage (CPC), you will have unlimited parts and glass coverage for your imaging equipment. You will also receive premium access to our technical support team and technical training classes. Why take all the parts risk on yourself when you could go to the parts experts? Call us today to learn more.

What is a Capitated Parts Coverage (CPC)?

  • Unlimited coverage of all parts and X-ray tubes
  • Certified Pre-Owned Glassware
  • Includes Technical Support and System Training
  • Forward Stocking
  • 3-year Agreement Term
  • Pre-site inspection may be required

What are the benefits to our customers?

  • Cap risk on parts expenses
  • Improved access to parts & tubes
  • Faster access to critical parts with our forward stocking locations
  • Earn free training credits to use at TIS

Have an immediate request?

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