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MRI Parts

A clearer image and a higher resolution that allows doctors to diagnose a wide variety of medical issues, MRIs are an important part of any (non-magnetic) medical imaging tool belt.

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MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a medical imaging technology that creates a detailed image of the organs and tissues in a patient's body using a magnetic field and computer generated radio waves. Most MRI machines are large, tube shaped magnets. The magnetic field inside the MRI machine temporarily realigns water molecules in your body while you lie inside it. The now aligned atoms produce faint signals from the radio waves. This is how the MRI creates the cross-sectional MRI images. The MRI can also produce images in 3D, allowing them to be viewed from different angles. The MRI Machine can produce high-resolution images giving doctors a noninvasive way to examine organs, tissues, and skeletal systems.

An MRI system is the workhorse of any imaging facility, able to diagnose aneurysms of cerebral vessels and multiple sclerosis; size and function of the heart's chambers; liver and bile ducts; and disk abnormalities in the spine; it is important to maintain easy access to parts. 

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From brands you recognize, like GE, IBM, and Siemens, to ones we'd love to show you, our inventory has everything. Search our inventory, fill out a short form, and we will send you a quote. Just another service Tri-Imaging offers to make managing and repairing your imaging equipement as easy as possible. Know the part you need? Request a quote below.

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