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Apprentice Program

Become an Imaging Engineer

Start an exciting career in the field of medical imaging service industry. With the Apprentice Program at Tri-Imaging.

Why Should You Apprentice?

The quickest path to becoming an effective, in-demand, technical imaging engineer.

When you become an apprentice with Tri-Imaging you receive condensed, on the job training in medical centers, hospitals, and imaging clinics. We partner you with a team of our top imaging engineers getting you the real experience needed to be successful in this ever-changing industry.  

Program Overview & Syllabus

Program Introduction

This 12 week apprentice program starts with classroom training at our Madison, TN training center. Then you will be placed to work alongside our highly skilled and trained Sr. Medical Imaging Engineers. This will allow you to work directly in a real-world setting to get the skills you need to be successful as the demand for imaging engineers is growing.


  • Imaging Certification
  • Military Trained
  • Biomedical Technician

Program Overview

Our team will coordinate all of the accomodations for you too!

Weeks spent in both classroom & lab

BMET to Imaging 1 training

2 Weeks

Weeks spent in both classroom & lab

BMET to Imaging 2 training

2 Weeks

Weeks spent in both classroom & lab

Technical Services

8 Weeks


Compare costs of training vs hiring from our Apprentice Program

Training your technician and putting them through our Apprentice Program is a decision with long term benefits. We want to make sure you know the short term reasons to invest in our Apprentice Program.

  • Cost to hire a technician from our Apprentice Program


    Tri-Imaging Solutions apprentice candidate recruited into the program (includes room & board, hourly wage)

  • Cost to send your own technician to our Apprentice Program


    Customer’s technician and Tri-Imaging Solutions provides the housing


    Customer’s technician and customer provides the housing

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Hands-On Training

Interested in becoming an apprentice?

Maximize your learning in small classes, allowing more time with your expert instructors and personalizing your experience. Comprehensive multi-vendor, multi-modality, and blended learning to cover all your bases. Every reason to sign up to become an apprentice today.

Apprentice Program Inquiry Form All fields are required.

For potential apprentice candidates, it is strongly recommended that you share your resume to expedite acceptance into our apprentice program.