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Contrast Injector Service Training

Oct 2 - 6, 2023

Model Specific Contrast Injector Training available on the following models: • Stellant • Mark 7 Arterion • MRXperion • ProVis • Spectris Solaris • Empower CTA • ACIST CVi • Angiomat Illumena • OptiVantage • many others available

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Hands on Training

On-Site Equipment for Training

Tri-Imaging has a world-class hands on training program located at our main Madison, Tennessee facility. Our state of the art technology, knowledgeable instructors, and innovative curriculum sets us apart from the rest! 

When you go through Tri-Imaging's training program you learn skills that you will take with you and use for years to come. We believe that training should not just be about facts and figures, but about teaching applicable skills and helping our students understand even the most technical inner-workings of the different devices and machines they will be servicing. That is why we offer one-on-one support for each student and checkpoints at every step of the training process. 

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Apprentice Program

Are you interested in a career change? Want to learn the skills you need to become a Medical Imaging Engineer? Then you should consider our Apprentice Program. See if the Apprentice Program with Tri-Imaging is the next career step for you.

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