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Innovation With Results

We are a highly experienced team with an unparalleled quality assurance record. We have 328 years of combined experience across our employee roster. Our combined years of industry experience averages over 10 years per employee.


Combined Years of Experience


Parts Sold since 2013

> 65,000

Parts in Inventory


Training Classes Provided

The Tri-Imaging Difference

At Tri-Imaging, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to quality is evident in our comprehensive Apprenticeship Program, where aspiring professionals receive hands-on training and mentorship to excel in the dynamic field of medical imaging.

Beyond education, Tri-Imaging sets itself apart through unparalleled medical equipment service, ensuring that healthcare facilities operate smoothly and efficiently. With our team of experts overseeing machine parts coordination, clients can trust in seamless operations, minimal downtime, and optimal performance of their imaging equipment. From education to service and parts coordination, the Tri-Imaging difference lies in our dedication to excellence and the success of our clients.

  • Equipment sales and leasing options
  • On-site equipment installation and setup
  • Equipment repair and troubleshooting
  • Industry-leading apprenticeship program
  • Equipment parts sourcing

Lead. Follow. Set a Course

Eric Wright


Wanda Legate

SVP Business Development

Bruce Maurer

Chief Financial Officer

John Drew

VP Service

Experience Expert Guidance and Top-Notch Service You Can Trust