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Capitated parts Coverage

Is a Capitated Parts Program Right for You?

A capitated parts program can be a great way for you to control costs, and manage risk on your medical imaging equipment. This is where Tri-Imaging can help. Our Capitated Parts Programs are customized to your individual equipment needs and budget. What to know more?

What does Capitated Parts Coverage (CPC) Cover?

Capping parts costs can look different to many. We can formulate specialized programs to meet your needs and set you and your teams up for success. These programs are to minimize downtime, provide cost saving solutions and get the support you need, when you need it most.

  • Unlimited coverage of all parts and X-ray tubes
  • Certified Pre-Owned Glassware
  • Includes Technical Support and System Training
  • Forward Stocking
  • 3-year Agreement Term
  • Pre-site inspection may be required

What are the Benefits to you of Capitated Parts Coverage?

  • Cap risk on parts expenses
  • Improved access to parts & tubes
  • Faster access to critical parts with our forward stocking locations
  • Earn free training credits to use at TIS

Is your Imaging Department NOT taking advantage of a Capitated Parts Coverage?

Take the first step, by learning more about the CPC programs we offer at Tri Imaging. Complete the form to receive comprehensive details from a team member about our Capitated Parts Coverage. 

Complete the Form or Call (855) 401-4888