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Cath / Angio Digital Detector

Coverage that helps your Cath / Angio and your bottom line

Cover your Equipment

Unfortunately, the high cost of replacing a failed detector drives many end users into expensive, full service agreements with the OEM. Tri-Imaging Solutions offers emergency replacement and full capitated coverage of your digital detector at a fraction of typical market cost. We offer coverage for all major detector makes and models. Avoid the high replacement cost of your digital detectors through a digital detector replacement from Tri-Imaging Solutions. 

Have you been told by your service provider that your detector is bad and needs to be replaced? If so, give us a call to provide a second opinion. We have no incentive to sell a detector that is not needed. Frequently we have successfully resolved these “defective detector” situations without having to replace your expensive detector.

Looking for a specific part?

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Whether it is Tubes, Digital Detectors, Monitors, Motors, or Circuit Boards, we have the parts you need to get your Cath / Angio equipment up and running to prevent a system failure. We feature a wide array of manufacturer specific parts to service your specific Cath / Angio equipment 's model and make.

Need Parts or Service?

Reach out and let us tell you why Tri-Imaging is your ideal partner for supporting your Cath / Angio Digital Detector needs.

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