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MRI Maintenance and Repair

From Magnets, heat exchangers, coils, and Helium vessels, we will keep your MRI up and running

Maintain and Repair your Equipment

When it comes to delivering effective patient care, any down time for your MRI system for maintenance or repair needs to be done as quickly as possible to ensure that there is little interruption in your equipment's operation. In terms of preventative measures, Tri-Imaging Solutions provides planned maintenance programs on all OEM models and perform all of the necessary cleanings, checks, or replacements that come with maintaining your MRI equipment. Whether it is by cleaning out the dust and contaminants in the air vents, checking the Magnet System Helium Vessel, or replacing the MREF compressor adsorber, we will work to ensure that your MRI equipment runs smoothly.

With repairing your MRI system, Tri-Imaging Solutions offers service programs specifically tailored to each client for your maximum value and benefit. When it comes to the issue image artifacts, we will repair the MRI coils in your MRI equipment to ensure that every image comes out clear and concise. If your equipment experiences heat exchanger temperature errors that cannot be typically solved by tripping a breaker, we will diagnose and repair the heat exchanger to get it working again cooling down the magnets in your machine. Tri-Imaging Solutions knows that in these times of increasing need for MRIs, you need a repair service that is timely and gets the job done.

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Whether it is MRI coils, gradient system fans, Magnets, Helium Vessel, or MREF compressor adsorber, we have the parts you need to ensure that your MRI system operates smoothly. We feature a wide array of manufacturer specific parts to service your specific MRI's model and make.

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