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Ultrasound Maintenance and Repair

From probes, filters, software, and batteries, we will keep your Ultrasound working

Maintain and Repair your Equipment

When it comes to delivering effective patient care, any down time for your ultrasound for maintenance or repair needs to be done as quickly as possible to ensure that there is little interruption in your equipment's operation. In terms of preventative measures, Tri-Imaging Solutions offers scheduled maintenance services to perform Ultrasound planned maintenance per OEM specification, which conclude with providing you the PM documentation needed to manage an accurate record of your equipment. We will ensure that the system ventilation is clean and the filters are clear on any block dust and contaminants in order to prevent your Ultrasound from overheating and failing prematurely.

With repairing your Ultrasound, Tri-Imaging Solutions offers tailored service contracts to meet your needs and budget, backed by years of experience. When it comes to the sensitive and expensive transducers/probes, we will repair this component to the best of our ability, whether it isn't registering with your Ultrasound or giving dark spots on the image. Whether it is constant rebooting between patients, out of date software, noisy fans, and dying batteries, we will get your Ultrasound running smoothly for your patients.

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Whether it is probes, filters, circuit boards, monitors, or control panels, we have the parts you need to get your Ultrasound up and running to prevent a system failure. We feature a wide array of manufacturer specific parts to service your specific Ultrasound's model and make.

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