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Ultrasound Probe Coverage

Coverage that ensures your Ultrasound equipment continues running at an affordable price


Covering Your Instrument

Transducers/Probes are the most sensitive and costly part of an Ultrasound system. Tri-imaging Solutions covers all types of probes:

  • Standard 2D
  • 3D/4D
  • Intracavity
  • Transesophageal - TEE 

We provide loaner probes at no cost while your probe is being evaluated and repaired. We strongly recommend having your probe evaluated at the first sign of wear to keep repair cost low.

  • No cost loaner probes available with repairs
  • No cost probe evaluations
  • Full cosmetic probe repairs

Looking for a specific part?

Use our part search tool to find it.

Whether it is probes, filters, circuit boards, monitors, or control panels, we have the parts you need to get your Ultrasound up and running to prevent a system failure. We feature a wide array of manufacturer specific parts to service your specific Ultrasound's model and make.

Need Parts or Service?

Reach out and let us tell you why Tri-Imaging is your ideal partner for supporting your Ultrasound Probe Coverage needs.

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