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X-Ray Glassware Coverage

Common sense coverage that keeps your X-Ray


Covering Your Instrument

The team at Tri-Imaging Solutions has experience installing hundreds of X-Ray tubes. We provide a full range of tube replacement options from tube installation labor to full coverage of all the tubes in your network. We specialize in Hologic mammography tube replacement.

Our discounted glassware purchasing program, GlassWorks™, offers tubes at a discounted price when you need one. Do you already have a tube, but need help getting it installed? Do you need a replacement tube for one that has failed? We’ll make sure you get the tube you need and install it with confidence. Call us, we are happy to help.

Looking for a specific part?

Use our part search tool to find it.

Our wide selection of parts means that you can always find what you're looking for. Our parts search tool checks our inventory, so fill out a short form and we will send you a quote. Just another service Tri-Imaging offers to make managing and repairing your imaging equipement as easy as possible.

Need Parts or Service?

Reach out and let us tell you why Tri-Imaging is your ideal partner for supporting your X-Ray Glassware Coverage needs.

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